Our Services

Natpro Spicenet has a long-standing commitment to the food and food chemical industries, both in the local and export markets. Since 1989 we have supplied the following services to our customers, many of which are large multi-nationals.

We understand that often these services are extremely urgent and given our capacity and very flexible approach, we have very quick turnaround times.


We can pack down bulk bags to smaller quantities or alternatively repack small quantities to bulk bags. In addition to our packing section, we are equipped to re-bag or decant most dry food, spice, or food chemicals into various size bag formats, according to customer specification.


Our stainless-steel food grade blenders are operated by trained staff and are available to produce spice blends, dry food powders, bakery blends and food chemicals. Batch volumes range from 25 kgs to 2 tons and the blending process has inline sifting in place.


Our factory facility offers an assortment of speciality milling equipment which puts us in place to mill almost any dry food, herb, spice, or food chemical to our customers specification. We have many years of milling experience and can produce consistent quality at a high-volume throughput, whether it is fine, coarse, cracked or crushed.


We have automated Form, Fill & Seal Machines and are able to contract pack. Customer requirements can be packaged according to their specification.

Sifting, Sorting & Metal Detection

Sifting and sorting can be done utilising mechanical sifters and sorting tables. These processes can rectify out of specification products. We are also able to provide metal detection if needed.